Monday, September 15, 2008

Stick it!

I have mentioned before that The Granite City's finances are in a wee pickle just now, but what could have caused a local councillor to spout forth the following?

Councillor Willie Young, of the opposition Labour group, said economising proposals were "plain daft" and declared: "We have to watch that the political lunatics don't take over the asylum. These cuts are irrational and a step too far."

It seems the poor council staff are to be denied their morning brew and much more.

A report was commissioned and recommended that amongst other things,

  • Replacing Post-It notes with “scrap paper”.

The report writers then went on to claim, “The plan is based on ensuring we use our resources in a way that reduces our ecological footprint.”

The GMB Union, not surprisingly responded, “Although we appreciate the need for efficiencies, there may be mixed messages that affect staff morale.”

But the final word goes to Willie again, “It will get people’s backs up – you’ve got to be practical.”


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