Monday, September 29, 2008

Scots beers ASBO'd

Those of you not from planet Zog will have gathered that one of the sub-plots of this blog is my passion for beer (and of course Whisky). Brown and black stuff in particular, but always in moderation.

I am now advised that one of my favourite breweries, who produce the wonderful Red McGregor and the even more wonderful Dark Island, are to have their spectacularly named Skull-Splitter beer banned.

And if that's not enough, the over-enthusiastic amateurs at the Portman Group are having a go at another Scots brewery in Toyland

I am going to go out on a limb here to suggest that your average preteens-binger or confirmed soak would be unlikely to buy any of these beers whilst White Lightning, Buckfast, Stella, cheap vodka and alcopops are available.

Even the quines are not amused.


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Officer Dibble said...

What is up with these people?

These small breweries always come up with some great names(and some great beers)
Half the fun in going to a beer festival is trying the more exotically named brews.

In my youth I came across Theakstons Old Peculiar.
I am now surprised someone in our handwringing society hasnt challenged this brews title....for something!

It robbed me of the use of my legs when I hit the night air outside.

I lived and learned.

The idea that irresponsible drinking and associated violence is down to a beers title is just nonsense.

Those that cause the problems would drink fermented yaks blood if it was cheap, on offer two for one, or nearest the door in the off licence when they try a bit of thieving.